Student opportunities – Become a Student Ambassador

Become a Student Ambassador

Earn whilst you learn! 
What do Role Models do?       
  • We are a Creative Childcare Agency based in Battersea but provide work in London zones 1-6.
  • We provide Creative Childcare for children in London and Life Skill Courses in the UK and internationally.
  • Our dream is to inspire a generation of children to become the very best they can be through their relationships, their well-being and their own sense of purpose.
  • We focus on Leadership, Resilience, Creative Problem Solving and Collaboration to ensure children can understand their own strengths and use them in a way that helps not only themselves but others.
What are we looking for?
  • An energetic, passionate and driven individual.
  • Someone who is well connected within the University and can build relationships with students, Heads of Departments and Societies.
  • Someone to be our eyes and ears and keeps us informed on University news and events.
  • Responsible for passing the baton to the next ambassador.
What’s in it for me?
  • You will be paid £25 per successful applicant who works 30 hours or more.
  • You will be paid  £10 p/h to help organise and assist with our assessment days at your University.  
  • Looks fantastic on your CV – Paid work experience during your studies.
  • Flexible working hours to fit around your studies.
  • Opportunity to train in and gain important Life Skills which are invaluable to future employers.
  • An opportunity to become a part-time intern in our office and/or become a Role Model.  
Why are we looking for a Student Ambassador?
  • To help recruit aspiring Role Models who want to inspire the younger generation. We need you to drive the recruitment of new Role Models within your University.  
  • To promote Role Models on campus through your own marketing, sales and recruitment strategies.
  • Share Role Models information and news in online and offline groups.
  • Check out the careers page – Become a Role Model – to read more about the role. 
How to become a Student Ambassador?
  • Please click here to fill in this form.
  • After we have received and reviewed your application you will be invited for a 15 minute phone call.
  • If successful you will be invited to a 30-45 minute interview at our HQ.


Any questions please email: [email protected]