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What do we actually do during the week?

The Collaboration 4 or 5 day course develops your ability to work together with other people. It is widely agreed that teams (whether in sport or in the workplace) who work together best are the most successful, but teamwork is not an easy skill to learn. There is also tons of evidence that shows how ‘soft skills’ like collaboration and resilience can improve your performance in exams as well.

The Role Models Collaboration week involves a series of challenges to be completed with other students on the course. These challenges vary hugely and some will be under time pressure. One example is building a tower from paper as tall as you can, with limited resources and in a set time. Another example is ‘herding’ your blind folded team members into a marked out box without using any words!

The week will also include some group assemblies during which you will discuss different aspects of collaboration and there will be time for some outdoor games. An example timetable is below; the week may not be exactly the same but it will be similar.

What if I think my skills in this area are pretty strong?

You may feel that you’ve been involved in lots of teams at school and that your collaboration skills are fairly good already. That’s good news, as you’ll have examples you can share with others. However, you can always learn new collaboration skills or improve skills you have already learnt, particularly as every team is different depending on the group of people and the challenge they are trying to complete. For example, you may learn the benefit of asking someone’s opinion who is more shy than you. You may learn the benefit of disagreeing with someone in a way that doesn’t offend them. You may learn the benefit of persuading the group to follow your suggestion even if you’re not certain it’s correct. You’ll also increase your confidence in presenting and asserting your own ideas to your team members.

Will this be like going to school?

It won’t be like school and it won’t be like a normal holiday sports camp but it will be fun – we can promise you that. You won’t be wearing school uniform and you won’t be doing much writing, but the course will be at a senior school. You will be split into groups of no more than 10 students with an adult per group. It will be a chance to develop those really important skills that you don’t always have the chance to focus on at school because exams get in the way.

Which adults will be running the week?

The adults will vary on each course but they will all be young, fun and experts in developing character skills such as collaboration or resilience. The adults are often teachers and actors who have experience of leading workshops with students groups.   

Have other children enjoyed the course?

We always send a survey to parents after the course and they tell us whether their children have enjoyed the course. 93% of parents say their children have enjoyed the course. You can also have a read of the comments below and watch the YouTube video which has some interviews with children who have attended a course before.

“The positive feedback he received really boosted his confidence and on holiday he was not phased by asking staff for something whereas previously he would ask us to do it.”

“She has been a lot more tolerant & better at problem solving in a mature manner especially with her younger sister.”

“She seems more confident about attending senior school interviews and has said that the course really helped her to prepare.”

“She said she wished school was like this. She absolutely loved it. Thank you.”

“I love the detailed feedback for him and what you were able to get from him.”

“He came back home everyday in a very upbeat mood and very talkative about the day activities. His mood and behaviour during the school holiday was best we seen in a long time, listening more, showing maturity when asked to do chores, demonstrating empathy with his brother’s problems.”

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How many other children will be on the course?

This varies a lot depending on the time of year but there can be anything from 10-40 children on each course.