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Leadership Programme – Full 8 Session Programme

Dates/Times Flexible To Suit Your Schedule
Location: Flexible Age Group: 9-14 years

Our Leadership Programme is a one-on-one tailored coaching programme, which differs to our group Leadership Course. The 8 session programme is £595. You have the option of trialling 3 sessions and extending to the full 8 session programme as required. The 3 session trial is £230. This booking page is for the full 8 session programme.

If you are interested in the 3 session trial, please click here.

Programme aim

To develop young leaders with the passion, character and skills to make a positive difference in the world.

This tailored programme for ages 9 and upwards, designed and developed by Katy Granville-Chapman, Director of the Wellington College Leadership Institute, will use the latest research to develop young leaders with passion, character and skills who can make a positive difference in the world. The programme is inspired by Harvard Business School’s Leadership Initiative; The University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Centre; The University of Oxford’s Department of Education and The University of Melbourne’s Positive Education Centre.

Katy, in her role as the Director of the Wellington College Leadership Institute has developed leadership programmes that have been quality assured by Oxford University and others that have been used as flagship programmes by the Government. Katy has also advised on character and leadership at 10 Downing Street, the Cabinet Office, England rugby and for a vast array of schools and charities from over 20 countries, including Singapore, South Africa and Australia. Katy is studying for a DPhil in Leadership Development and Wellbeing at Oxford University.


1. Learn to lead yourself through:

a) Understanding who you uniquely are;

b) Knowing your own character strengths and how you can use them to live, learn and lead;

c) Learning how you can thrive in the good times and through adversity.

2. Learn how to lead others through:

a) Understanding that everyone can be a leader if they are having a positive impact on those around them;

b) Thinking about ways you can use your unique strengths to impact positively those around you;

c) Developing your strength of character through practice and reflection;

d) Thinking about what your impact is and what you want it to be.

Why are we looking to develop leadership amongst children?

Leadership is about having a positive impact on those around you, as opposed to adopting a position or specifically leading people to somewhere or something. Examples of leadership amongst children might be helping a friend with some homework; standing up for someone if another individual has been unkind to them; picking up some litter; visiting an old people’s home in their spare time; as well as many others. We believe in creating a positive impact by developing the leaders of tomorrow.

What will the programme look like?

The programme is made up of 8 one-to-one coaching sessions of 90 mins with our exceptional Role Models trained in delivering leadership education. We recommend running the sessions on a weekly basis but timings can be agreed with the Role Model directly to suit your schedule. You receive ongoing verbal feedback from the Role Model and a written report at the end of the programme.

How will we develop leadership amongst the children attending?

During the sessions, the Role Model and the child will combine practical exercises and one-to-one discussions. One-to-one discussions will give the child the time (which they so rarely have) to think deeply about who they uniquely are and how they can flourish.

Our Role Models will guide children through the following 8 session programme:

1. Understanding who you uniquely are
2. Living, learning and leading with my character strengths
3. Happiness and why it matters for leaders
4. Thriving in the good times and in adversity (1)
5. Thriving in the good times and in adversity (2)
6. Everyday leadership
7. Leading for impact
8. Bringing it all together

If you’d like further detail on the sessions then please get in touch and we can provide this via email.

Some examples of the practical activities within these sessions are summarised below:

Spaghetti towers – using very limited resources (one marshmallow, some dry spaghetti and some string) the child builds the tallest tower they can. The Role Model then discusses with them at how they approached the task; what their thoughts were around the task and what strengths and values they showed during the task. They then talk about how they can build upon the child’s strengths and values in other tasks they find themselves doing (e.g. homework, sport, music).

Values matching – the child considers about what is really important to them (the Role Model has a set of cards and pictures they can give to the child to help this process and some questions they can ask to help the child identify their values). The child then goes through their weekly schedule with the Role Model and identifies when they are going to be doing things that really matter to them and how to make the most of these periods.

Possible extension: the Role Model tells the child what is really important to them and what their values are. The Role Model and child compare their values to see where they are similar and where they are different. The child can talk to the Role Model about how we are all different and have different values and can think about why this matters when you are leading others as well as yourself. This helps the child to see the importance of values in your own life and how supporting someone to live in line with their values is really important.

Resilience tennis – the child describes a scenario from the past, present or future that is challenging and may be worrying them. The Role Model, having discussed strategies for resilience, then says some negative thoughts that the child may have around the event or situation, while throwing a ball to the child who has a bat. The child then bats away the ball and says out loud phrases that challenge the negative thoughts the Role Model has given them.

Why choose Role Models?

1. Our insight. Having met with a number of Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers and Admissions Teams at various independent secondary schools (including Eton & Wellington), we understand what they are looking for in new students.

2. The quality of our people. All our Role Models undergo a rigorous application procedure and we are totally focused on recruiting people who are talented, engaging & fun. There will be an extensive array of subject matter to suit every child but research has shown that the characteristics of the person delivering the programme is paramount to its success, which is why our recruitment process is so important.

3. Our track record. We have an extremely successful history of delivering courses & programmes. Our average feedback score in terms of how likely our clients are to recommend us to friends or colleagues is 9.1 / 10.

“I’ve been meaning to write to thank you. Siena has flourished these past 8 weeks; both we and her teachers have noticed a visible increase in her confidence and general positively in her demeanour, which I believe has contributed to several successes for her – increased participation in class, a commended public speaking competition, a new calmness with a ski race and during her summer exams. Most importantly I feel she is happier and better understands herself and her strengths. I’d also like to extend our thanks to the absolutely wonderful Jess who’s been a perfect mentor to Siena, quickly able to build trust and rapport and bring the best out of her.” Yamit, Esher

How much does the course cost?

The 8 session programme (90 mins per session) is £595. This equates to £49.60ph.

You have the option of trialling 3 sessions and extending to the full 8 session programme as required. The 3 session trial is £230.

What age group is the programme appropriate for?

The programme is designed for children aged 9 years old and upwards.

Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions should take place at a location that suits the young person and the Role Model, where they are both comfortable and able to speak openly. We recommend the young person’s home or at their school if that’s permitted.

How regularly should the sessions take place?

We recommend running the sessions on a weekly basis but the regularity is flexible. For example, there may be times when several sessions can be run over the course of a weekend or even back to back.

How do I book?
  1. For bookings, please click on the “Book Now” button to add the programme to your cart.
  2. On proceeding to checkout, you will be asked to provide some details including credit/debit card information, prior to placing your order.
  3. Once the order has been placed and the booking has been confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation email.
  4. A member of the team will be in touch shortly afterwards with our Pre-Course Form and further information.
    • Please ensure that you complete this Pre-Course Form in a timely manner, as we require these details to tailor the programme to each child and ensure that specific needs are met.

If you’d like further information, please call or email us: / 020 3637 7107.

Sir Anthony Seldon

(Headmaster of Wellington College, contemporary historian, commentator & political author):

“Role Models shares Wellington’s pioneering attitude towards child development through holistic education.”

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